Avermann Compactor Bin Lifts

A Compactor Bin Lift is a useful addition to a Compactor where streamlined production is essential. Avermann Bin Lifts can either be supplied as an integral part of any of our Compactors or as a standalone unit. We supply a full range of Avermann Bin Lifts to suit individual requirements.

For easy lifting and emptying

Bin-lifts are intended to handle normal and customised bins and refuse containers. All bin-lifts can be designed both as an integrated part of Avermann portable and static waste compactors and as ‘stand-alone’ machines, which can be attached to existing waste disposal systems. The bin lift devices are provided with a central comb-lift device for additional lifting and lowering of 120 l and 240 l dustbins.

Avermann bin-lift devices are also fitted with a mechanical hatch opener for large refuse containers with a round cover and safety guard.

Machine length: 1670 mm
Machine width: 2204 mm
Machine height: 2284 mm
Motor rating: 2.2 kW
Oil quantity: 10 l
Lifting power: up to 500 kg