Recycling Waste Reduces Costs

Recycling waste reduces costs for businesses! Recent research by Kenburn Waste Management Ltd has established that UK business’s “throw away” nearly £500 million per year by sending their waste to landfill rather than recycling it!

B5 W fill in cardboard aLast year the government generated over £450 million in landfill tax alone!

Landfill tax has now increased by a staggering200% over the past six years and will continue to increase at the same level for the foreseeable future.

The research also showed that if commercial recycling rates don’t improve it could cost industry more than£4.4 billion by 2020!

Simple and easy to implement waste segregation initiatives have been proven to significantly reduce company’s waste management costs and at the same time enable firms to become more “environmentally friendly”.

In what still remains an uncertain market now may be the ideal time to review how you process your company’s waste in order to reduce a cost which will only ever increase.

Based in St Albans, Kenburn Waste Management has been offering waste management advice to company’s of all sizes for more than 25 years.

We can visit your site anywhere in the UK and conduct a brief waste audit to confirm what savings you’re able to make.

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