Kenburn Select Horizontal Waste Balers

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain - engineering at its best

Kenburn Select Series horizontal balers are designed and manufactured in the UK and represent British engineering at its best.

Both fully and semi-automatic horizontal balers are the best solution when handling large volumes of materials; typically more than 2 tonnes per day.  Organisations that produce less waste may benefit from a vertical baler which is lower in cost.

Horizontal balers are used for a wide range of materials including cardboard, shredded paper, plastic bottles, aluminium cans and polystyrene. 

Kenburn Select KH50 semi automatic horizontal baler
KH50 Semi Automatic Horizontal Baler

Semi and Fully Automatic Balers

Many materials, including cardboard, PET and polystyrene can be recycled, thereby reducing waste sent to landfill.  Rather than paying for waste to be removed from site, baled waste can create additional revenue streams.

With semi-automatic balers, the operator loads and starts the baler, which then automatically produces the bale. The operator is alerted when it's time for the bale to be manually tied off and ejected.  Fully automatic balers are equipped with fully automatic wire tying systems.


Manufactured in Great Britain

The Kenburn Select Series balers are built to the highest quality standards and are designed and manufactured in the UK for Kenburn.

Kenburn Select Semi Automatic Horizontal Baler
Photo by James Giddins on Unsplash
Bales produced in horizontal baler
Kenburn Select KH40 Semi automatic horizontal baler

KH40 Semi-Automatic Horizontal Baler

The KH40 is a very versatile semi-automatic horizontal baler that can process the following type of materials: plastic film, plastic bottles, loose fluffy fibre type products, aluminium cans and steel cans.Depending on…

KH50 Semi Automatic Horizontal Baler

KH50 Semi-Automatic Horizontal Baler

The KH50 semi-automatic horizontal baler produces high-density “Mill Size” bales of a wide range of materials including cardboard, paper / board trim, expanded foam, plastic bottles, aluminium / steel UBC’s /…

Kenburn Select KHTR Fully automatic horizontal Baler

KH Twin Ram Fully Automatic Horizontal Waste Baler

The Kenburn Select twin ram fully automatic horizontal baler handles high volumes of a range of materials including cardboard, plastic bottles, UBC cans, paper trim, foam scraps, polythene sheeting and…