AVOS 108 Waste Baler

The Avermann AVOS 108 is a Horizontal Baler especially suited and thoughtfully designed to deal with greater volumes of waste. The Avermann AVOS 108 is a powerful and user friendly Baler. The Avermann 108 is suited to processing large amounts of waste in an energy efficient and swift manner. Efficient and intuitive, the Avermann 108 is the ultimate baler for businesses dealing with large volumes of waste materials on a regular basis.

Fully automated

Since the Avermann AVOS 108 is fully automated, operating it couldn’t be simpler. This means that less time has to be spent on loading and managing waste than with many of the other Horizontal Balers available on the market. The less time you spend on loading and managing waste, the more money you save. The Avermann AVOS 108 could therefore be a very wise investment for your business. The key features of the Avermann AVOS 108 Baler are its automated functionality, conveyor belt for easy binding and powerful, quiet, energy efficient press. The Avermann AVOS 108 has a large feed hopper and automatic press channel adjustment. The power and usability of the Avermann AVOS 108 means that it stands out amongst its competitors. It offers the creation of a highly efficient and effective waste management system

High standards and quality

The Avermann AVOS 108 is built to the same high standards and quality of all Avermann products, aimed at minimising time wastage in waste management. Similarly the Avermann AVOS 108 is highly functional and perfectly suits larger waste-processing businesses.  The Avermann AVOS 108 offers an impressive baling solution, able to transform  your baling set-up. The Avermann AVOS 108 could be a key part to maximising your business’s ability to process waste. The Avermann AVOS 108 is designed with the user in mind, designed to provide a great waste management system.

As with all Avermann equipment it is efficient, flexible and functional. The Avermann AVOS 88 is the space-saving counterpart to the Avermann AVOS 108. The Avermann AVOS 88 is a compact and versatile Horizontal Baler ideal for any waste management task. The Avermann 88 is small enough to fit into any work environment and powerful to meet the baling requirements of most businesses. The Avermann AVOS 88 proves the adage that ‘good things come in small packages’.

AVOS 1410 45 80

Avermann AVOS 1410

  • A fully automatic Baler for high volume processing
  • Fully automatic for the large scale producer or recycler
  • Bale weights to 600kg
  • Throughput to 24 tonnes per hour
Avermann AVOS 147K Horizontal Baler With Cross Binding supplied by Kenburn

Avermann AVOS 147

  • Semi automatic
  • Throughput to 4.5 tonnes per hour
  • 50 Tonne press force
  • Cross Binding option for foam
  • Bale weights up to 600kg
  • Robust design for long life
Avermann AVOS 1211 Horizontal Baler supplied by Kenburn

Avermann AVOS 1211

  • A fully automatic lower cost version of the 1410, suitable for cardboard only
  • Throughput to 6.5 tonnes per hour
  • Fully automatic
  • 4 wire ties
  • Bale weights up to 400 kg