Utilising their forty years' experience in manufacturing waste handling equipment, Europress has designed and built a superior range of vertical balers. There's a machine in the Balex range to meet almost any demand for waste handling.

Designed and Manufactured in Finland

Founded in Finland in 1977 by CEO Matti Turunen, Europress opened its first factory in 1984. In 2009, they moved to a modern factory in Kerava, Finland where waste compactors and balers are designed and built utilising cutting edge technology. Some operations have been automated using a powerful welding robot, that ensures consistent quality.

The surface treatment process is designed to be extremely eco-friendly and the amount of non-recyclable material is minimal. Between 1996 and 2011, Europress established companies in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Russia and Denmark to sell and support their waste handling machinery.

Kenburn appointed Europress's First Distributor

Europress is still privately owned and is highly regarded as a leading manufacturer of waste handling equipment in Scandinavia, where their production facility and factory are ISO 14001 certified. Their goal is to design and manufacture the most modern, innovative and cost effective waste management machinery.

With thirty years of waste handling equipment experience of helping customers to save money on their waste costs, Kenburn is delighted to have been appointed Europress’s first distributor for the supply of the full range of Balex balers.

See the Balex Balers in action:

Europress Balex Quality

Europress invests heavily in automation, that enables them to produce high quality products efficiently and accurately. Lasers are used to cut the steel giving a high degree of precision and welding of the balers is performed by robots, ensuring consistency. Jigs are used to maintain a high degree of accuracy when the machine is built and the finished baler is shot blasted before painting to stop corrosion.

In addition to the clear advantages in production, automation also improves workplace ergonomics for Europress employees.

The durable, strong build quality of the Balex baler range meets the EN16500 Safety Standards.

EN16500 is a 2015 European safety standard prescribing high levels of operational safety for all new vertical balers, including the design, manufacture and information for safe usage.

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Europress Group Factory in Finland:

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